Massage + Facial

This bespoke treatment is entirely tailor-made for you. Nao will create a treatment programme, depending on your specific needs, using Japanese advanced hand techniques.
Experience a selection of treatments from her signature Natural Facelift Facials that rejuvenate your skin, leaving your face looking fresh, vibrant and youthful, to zone-specific / full body lymphatic drainage and remedial massages to relieve tension, boost the immune system and strengthen muscles and joints, balancing the chi and elements.

Flawless Experiance


Flawless Experience includes

Beauty Facelift Treatment 60mins +

Signature Massage 60mins


Flawless Experience is an outstanding two-hour treatment especially designed for you, and offers a therapeutic, sophisticated and holistic experience.

120mins   £120

Ultimate Relaxation


Ultimate Relaxation includes

Intensive Rejuvenation Treatment 90mins +

Signature Massage 60mins /

Beauty Facelift Treatment 70mins +

Signature Massage 80mins.

This high performance rejuvenating and detoxifying treatment works in perfect harmony with your whole body and mind.

150mins   £150

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